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Versuri Gwar - I'm in love (with a dead dog)

When I first met you, I knew I loved you.
Now that one + one is two, I don't wanna
cum inside of you. Now I kiss your lips,
now I mount your hips. Now I read
your mind, your slimey hind--Sublime!
I'm feeling the peeling, mind reeling.
I race unto the plague. I'll bring you
a big coat of butter--to slick your
dead dick way. I'm in love with a
dead dog...
Paw in fist we stalk through the
rutabaga garden. We've been to the clinic,
we know our love is clean. We walk to-
gether, but fill up seperately. We share
a cheese ball. We just do it all. The
butter so bitter, the s***. Well it
gapes vacantly. The higher the litter,
the s***, has justly righted three...
(The Death of Pookie)
You begin to bore me, with your breath
like rubber. You scream "Don't stop",
I hope you don't pop. I'm in love, with
a shove, meaty glove.

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