The moan in time - versuri Great Sorrow |
The moan in time - versuri Great Sorrow |
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Versuri Great Sorrow - The moan in time

The thick Moan of Universal Alarm Bell
carries away in Remote Past and responds
in a Calm Beats of a Clock on a Wall...

Disembodied Imagination dissolves
into Molecular State and Heavy Bell
returns it into Apocalyptic Beginning
and blows up your Faith...

Fire Streams of Bloody Glow
breaks into Red Hot Metal in Search of Escape
And Boom Rumble of Monstrous Metronome
spreads on a Dawn-Burn Landscalpel

Monotonous Knock of a Balance
does not disturb a Sleeping Imagination
but wit every Step it cuts down
a Distance to Copper Explosion...
And Moment of Time Stopping
could turn into Endless Tragedy in Emptiness!

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