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All my belief - versuri Great Sorrow |
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Versuri Great Sorrow - All my belief

A Light Intoxication of a Scarlet Tender Fragrance
touches me, I have often seen this Dawn in my Dreams
And I knew I would find it and it would be my Reincarnation
If I can take this Rose in my Hands... So I think!..

All My Beings expects this Moment!

Now the Web of my Mind has no Thoughts of Escape
A Strong and unknown Feeling storms around me
I stretch out my Hands and I feel this Heat
But what is it? I'm afraid to break this Harmony!

The Flesh of this Small Life will always burn me,
this Feeling stands beside Eternity!
Bright scarlet Tender Fragrance turns me into Monolith
I submerge in Harmony Ocean and carry away this Heat in my Heart

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