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Mentally exposed - versuri Grave Flowers |
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Versuri Grave Flowers - Mentally exposed

Waking up alone
and my dream is gone
Face another day

I'm feeling cold
my soul has holes
That will never heal

I'm so sick inside
got a twisted mind
Can no longer cope

I wish I could be happy but reality hurts
It brings me down and makes me lick the dirt

Looking back at life
then I realize
I'm not meant to be

How did I end up here
is it cause I fear
The world outside

I can't hear a sound
and I can't look out
Mostly my eyes are shut

I fear for my tomorrow cause it might be like yesterday
I felt all the sorrow and I cried in vain

Looking at the white walls with tears in my eyes
I don't know why I'm here and why I'm alive
It's so cold in here and no one hears me cry
When death calls my name I'll gladly say goodbye

Night will soon be here
then I disappear
Into my own world

No one can hurt me there
and I feel no fear
Embraced by tranquility

Please don't let me wake
my body shakes
I have left my life

Now I'm happy and reality doesn't hurt
I'm underground, I'm buried in the dirt
No white walls surrounds me, now I'm free to fly
To leave this earth was a good way to say goodbye

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