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Versuri Gob - Suds

this bridge is falling down and just like it was before,
it's bad, and i made it recur.
crossed the bridge and it caught my attention, an ocean,
diluting frustration.
so i smashed it down in search of contentment,
i fell down and into the ocean but now i am wet,
shivering wasted and i recognize my degeneration.
i can see so clearly now that i am searching for simplicity.
i can face the problem now as i look into the mirror i don't hate you.
as a crutch when i am dependent, i reach out and it won't reject me.
like a blanket when you need warmth it surrounds me but it still feels cold.
i can face the problem now that i am searching for felicity.
i can see so clearly now. when i look into your eyes i don't hate you.

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