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Versuri Gloria Estefan - Live again

When you turned and walked away
You said all you had to say
It was over
You just couldn't understand
How deeply I had given all my love to you
I was left alone in tears
Our life together had become a memory
And as far as I can see
There was darkness
And I had nothing left inside but pain and sorrow
I had no plans for my tomorrow
And I had to find a reason
That would make me live again
Live again

Now today
I feel my life is worth living
I have someone who is giving
Someone to share each new day
Someone who will always stay
When I think of yesterday
It all seems so far away
I'm so happy
And I feel as my life has just begun
And that the world is gonna be mine
It is this feeling deep inside me
That has made me live again
Live again
Live again

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