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Versuri Nonsense to you, everything to us
- Glasseater

"the way you look at us,
you think you have it figured out (wasting away).
or it seems that way to you..
but who are you to take what we love, and pick at it
'til it seems like it's falling apart?
endless days in a van, countless petty arguments.
hopeless cries, and laughing to try and make the time pass by (broken down)
it seems like everyone's against us.
to most it seems like it's not going anywhere,
but to who it matters most, there's still hope.
these friendships filled with dreams, filled with love.
there's too much sweat and tears.. the sacrifice we've put into this,
for some to look at us and laugh, they don't..
they don't understand.
we've taken on every obstacle full force,
it's in our hearts, we can't let go.. we can't let go"