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Versuri Art of communication
- Glasseater

Countless scuffles, countless battles, countless wars
Where did the art of communication go end result
Some walk away with a feeling of victory
While many get to live the reast of their lives with loss.

It's been quoted to keep your friends close
and your enemies closer..
But who's to say who your real friends
and enemies are when..
many times you feel the kiss of judas on your face.

Here we go again
Trying to find a solution
to a reacurring problem.. I wonder why
we haven't been able to learn from
our mistakes the years go by
and we still destroy ourselves.

I'll be there better person here
let's put the past behind us now
and think about tomrrow
There's so much out for all of us to experience
we'll work together and coexist
who said friendship doesn't work.

There is so much out there to do with ourselves
then be at eachother's neck