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Versuri Giulia - My life

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Refren: (2x)
I live my life dreaming of you,
You're my wish and I pray,
I live my life waiting for you,
I got stuck on my way.

Strofa 1:
Don't wake me up, this dream feels so real,
Through the night I cruise in your arms there's no fear,
The way you give things that I need,
Makes me wanna beg you to stay one more dream.

I don't know why you won't be mine,
Cause I love you,
Time after time, love tastes like wine,
It can be sweet, it can be dry.


Post-refren: (2x)
I, I live my life,
Still waiting for you,
I can't live without you.

Strofa 2:
Day after day, you show me the way,
Don't even understand how you blew me away,
Nobody knows the way that I feel,
When the sun goes down, it's just me standing here.

Refren: (2x)

Post-refren: (4x)

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