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Versuri Giulia - Karolina

trimise de Green_BoyGreen_Boy.

When everybody's on the floor
i take a bag, i put them all
i see the lights, i hear the sound
i gotta take the back door
i run and hide, i have no time
outside the rain it starts to fall
ignore the cold, ignore them all
i'm gonna be a rich girl

tell me what have you done?
I don't know
why you always have to go
where are you gonna run?
Don't you know?
Your wanted picture is on every wall

I check into a small hotel
turn off the lights and lock the door
i change my hair, i change my clothes
got running shoes, sun glasses on
a fake id, a brand new life
i'm ready now to hit the road
behind the wheel, i think of him
but i still drive to mexico

boy you know i meant to call you
to tell you that i love you
bout my love i never was a liar

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