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Versuri S*x
- Ginuwine

I like it I love it
I want it all the time
I crave it I needs it
It's always on my mind.

I gotta show the other freaky side of me
Girl I wanna give you every inch you need
Jump up in my truck and let me take you there
Let you ride all thru the night
I'm a sexaholic and I'm cool with it
So let me eat that kitty til I'm thru with it
Wanna see you shake it cause you lovin it
The pleasure's all mine.

I want it all the time
It's always on my mind
It's just a part of me
S*x I love
I love it anywhere
The bed the floor a chair
It's just a part of me
S*x I love.


I want her to beg as I'm hittin it
Wanna see you bend while I'm digging it
Now just in and out I'm a circle man
Everything I wanna feel
Hittin every wall is the master plan
Gotta let you know the kinda of man I am
Gotta put it down rep the kid
I know how women talk yeah.



I want to feel you close to me
And never will I want to let you go

The feeling of love is something that I need
And this is something that you gotta know.

You see you already know the kind of girl I am
Need a mean long stroke and a video cam
Cherry bra high heels I ain't price my man
Making love by the tub playing one of your jams
Then in front of the mirrors watch me work the pole
Then I work you on the chair til I reach my goal
When I bring it to the floor let you take control
See me bend whike you dig see this thing is gold
My weakness pretty n****s with big sticks
That do tongue tricks
Star rating out our p****o flicks
Turn you on like a light switch
Hard as a brick
Cause you lovin how I'm movin and it's extra thick
I'll have you anywhere bed floor or chair
And you can spank me hard and pull my hair
You see it's all for you I ain't the type to share
So you got d*** for days and I got a** to spare.


I like it, I love it
It's always on my mind
I like it, I love it
It's always on my mind