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Versuri Hell yeah (remix)
- Ginuwine

*featuring R Kelly, Baby & Clipse.

Chitti Chitti bang bang like a pow
Everybody up in the club gettin wild
Drinks everywhere the crowd is real
Looks like we gonna be for a while
I'm so drunk I'm droolin at the mouth
Tryin to get someone to take me to my
Where my car keys and where my money at
I'm gonna follow ya'll to the ah where the honies are at
Cgimme so
cheese eggs steaks and grits
And hit the after party with G and them boys Clipse
Look out for the po po
Smokin on the dro
In those Air force ones and all white band new tees
Plus I got these 2 hunnies tryin juke on me
You've got the
ignition and girl I got the key
It's the pide piper so people follow me
So fresh so fly so sweet so polite

So much to many (Cause we ridin tonight)
And its that pimp talk, that pimp walk
big pimpin over here playa ya just start
See we're fresh with air one's Lexus and big drums
White shirt, plenty chicks,
plenty kris, big fun
Ma, you worry none the minks come with the guns
The prada the Gucci it's all in the bird fun.

I'm sittin in mt truck, stakin the club out
Kill this last sip and go 'n' wild the F*** out
I walk up in the club with my
hands in the air
There's so much coochie in the atmosphere
So girl quit frontin and get you A** over here
Get yourself a
cup of this cran and belvedere
I'm all off in the corner with honies taking flicks
Baby in VIP cut and a pic
G and big
tymers together thats a hit