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Versuri In bed by ten
- Gilbert O'sullivan

Love peace and understanding makes no difference in the end What you need to survive mother nature will provide As long as you're In bed by ten Everybody has that feeling One that drives you round the bend I don't know what else to say I suspect it'll be okay as long as you're in bed by ten It isn't easy if that's what you think going to bed as the night begins but then you take it you take it from me things have never ever been Quite the way you think they seem Oh forget about tomorrow Yesterday still has to end I can do all manners of things wear you out and wear you in As long as your In bed by ten As long as your In bed by ten In my heck of my woods There's no neck at all There might be a shoulder and as I can recall A shoulder is something we all need to lean upon You ought to try it once In a while You might find that it makes you Smile The only thing is whenever you do don't get Into counting sheep That will only make you sleep Oh lead me to your chamber If you want me as a friend Take a tip from one w
ho knows Lots you can do Without any clothes As long as you're in bed by ten No denying Its the truth I'll do anything for you As long as you're in bed by ten