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Versuri Geto Boys - Trophy

";Who gives a f***k about a God damn grammy? ";

(Willie D)
Yo, Flav, I give a f***k about a God damn grammy
But them motherf***kin hoes won't hand me one
At least you was invited by the biggots
The motherf***kers told me to buy a ticket
To the phoney a*s ceremony
F***k oscar, emmy, and tony
Cause when it comes to award time
Niggaz be standin on the God damn sideline
I'm loadin my nine, cause I got a lotta grudges
I'm bout to take out the judges
Willie D won't s***t cha but hit cha
Take a look at the overall picture
Every year its the same old story
Same faces, same kinda gories
I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me
Now where's my God damn trophy?

I'm under a microscope, for the songs I wrote
Cause the ganksta of love don't scapegoat
I tell it like it is that's why they don't ban me
I ain't tryin to make nobody happy
I'm from the streets so I kick it for the ghetto
I can't talk about s***t I don't know
Your whole vocabulary's baby baby baby
That's why you so God damn crazy
And it should be a crime
One sucka gets nominated 5 or 6 damn times
It ain't that he's better than the rest
It's just a damn popularity contest
Or a bribe or a favor
Motherf***kers make a speech and they think that they major
I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me
Now where's my God damn trophy?

(Award host)
";And the winner is George Strait";
";For best female vocalist, Reba McIntyre";
";Most appearances made after death, Elvis Presley
The king couldn't be here due to illness
So to accept his award on his behalf, we have Grateful Dead";

It ain't what you know, it's who you know bro
That's why I'm not on your radio and your video show
It's gettin kinda hectic
And I still ain't kissin no a*s to be accepted
They finally gotta category for rap
But don't blink cause you'll miss it in the format
And if you follow my suggestions
9 times outta 10 you see some country western
They need to have Willie D on that stage
Pumpin his fists like this and gettin bliss
With MD-20 20
Or the 40 O-Z wit the rest of the GB
I'm tired of your boring shows
I make your stuck up a*s audience say HO!
I sold a lotta records and a lotta people know me
Now where's my God damn trophy

(Award host)
";And the winner is Randy Travis
And Guns and... hey what the? ";
(Willie D)
";GET the f***k outta the way
Get your a*s out the God damn way
Yo man, the real motherf***kin winners is
The God damn Geto Boys for most f***k words in a song
The Bitch Killa of the Year grammy goes to
That nigga you love to have Ice Cube
The nasty a*s group award goes out to 2 Live Crew
The High Roller of the industry award goes out to Ice T
The pro-black grammy goes out to Public Enemy
Cause they too black and they too God damn strong
And we gonna give the lip-sync God damn motherf***kin grammy
To those punk motherf***kers, Milli Vanilli";

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