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Versuri Geto Boys - It ain't s***t

Niggas hangin' deep on the cut
Sippin' on a motherf***kin' 40 ounce of Gooden
Ain't s***t changed in my hood since '86
And 1987 I was swore into the clique
All the triflin' bitches in my hood smoked moes
And all the gangsta a*s niggas rode vogues
Drop Monty Carlos, El Dogs and Caddy Coups
Firin' up fry flaggin' hoes out the roof?
Car down crush? and fresh paint
Eight in the back you hear my Alpine crank
All of my niggas they had a truck load of dope
Cause back in the gang you can get it by the boat
It's 1993 new bounds are being broken
If you ain't bangin' then you gots to be smokin'
Cause I remember back when the nigga had green
Seen him at the pipes and now the nigga is just a dope fiend
Funny how a nigga, sold a key or two
Is down on his a*s and all of a sudden he remember you
Everythings cool I'm the niggas man
Reachin' out his arm tryin' to shake a nigga hand
But I just walked away and left his s***t to hang
Cause back in the game I had a motherf***kin' thang
And that's why I walk with my hands on my dick
A nigga say "what up? "
I look around and I say "This! "
And I could give a f***k if the nigga gets p***d
Cause if he wants a chunk I'm a get up in his s***t

Scarface talking:
Huh like it ain't s***t yeah. I thought you knew. It ain't s***t. Uh, yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.

Creepin' comin' up a yellow stonin'
Put my s***t in park and drunk a St. Ises with my homey
Reminisced on fast times past times and s***t
Smokin' on some bud I came acroos my nigga Kick
I gave my boy some dap and asked him what's the haps
Chillin' with this girl and a gat across his laps
I knew he had some drama I didn't even have to ask it
Now where were them bitches at it's time to kick some a*ses
He told what had happened and now I'm thinkin' F***K
I'm callin' up south acres it's time to get 'em up
My motherf***kin' neighborhood is quick to get with static
Never showin' fear cause these niggas never had it
Everybody's trapped, quick to go to war
Quick to kill your a*s quick to jack your car
So if you see some s***t then I suggest you punch it
Cause what's about to happen you may not be able to stomach
Killers killers killers steady smokin' fry
So nigga lay it down or die motherf***kers die
F***' with my family you dick is in the paint
So don't think that it's s***t cause niggero it ain't
S***t to brake 'em off I'm brakin' 'em off with chunks
Siggedy south iggedy acres ain't no motherf***kin' punks
And drive-by shootin' ain't the motherf***kin' s***t
Cause niggas plot hits after motherf***kin' hits
Killin' you a*s for kicks doin' s***t for the murder
And since you want me to die you gots to die cause you deserve ta
Now here take two motherf***kin' slugs (bang)
Cause f***kin' with the kid is the grounds of being drugged
Mister mister Face the hardest nigga being heard
Cause all I have in this world is my balls and my word
I'm sick of motherf***kers thinkin' they run s***t
Until you face to face wiith Scarface you ain't done s***t
I'm killin' off you mark a*s niggas with a slug from a glock motherf***kers
I'm a born killer, I really thought you knew bitch
I'm slappin' hoes and cappin' fools
It ain't s***t
It ain't s***t you know what I'm sayin'? Yeah.

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