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Versuri Gertrude "ma" Rainey - Walking blues

Woke up this morning, up this morning
With my head bowed down, hey, hey, hey
Woke up this morning with my head bowed down
I had that mean old feeling, I was in the wrong man's town

Mailman's been here, mailman's been here
But didn't leave no news, hey, hey, hey
Mailman's been here but didn't leave no news
That's the reason why mama's got the walking blues

Walked and walked till I, walked and walked
I almost lost my mind, hey, hey, hey
Walked and walked till I almost lost my mind
I was afraid to stop walking 'cause I might lose some time

Got a short time to make it, short time to make it
And a long ways to go, Lord, Lord, Lord
Short time to make it and a long way to go
Trying to find the town they call San Antonio

Thought I'd rest me, thought I'd rest me
I couldn't hear no news, Lord, Lord, Lord
Thought I'd rest me, I couldn't hear no news
I'll soon be there 'cause I got the walking blues

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