Sissy blues - versuri Gertrude "ma" Rainey |
Sissy blues - versuri Gertrude "ma" Rainey |
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Versuri Gertrude "ma" Rainey - Sissy blues

I dreamed last night I was far from harm
Woke up and found my man in a sissy's1 arms

"Hello, Central, it's 'bout to run me wild
Can I get that number, or will I have to wait a while? "

Some are young, some are old
My man says sissy's got good jelly roll

My man got a sissy, his name is Miss Kate
He shook that thing like jelly on a plate

Now all the people ask me why I'm all alone
A sissy shook that thing and took my man from me

Note 1: sissy, homosexual.

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