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Versuri Gentleman - Soulfood

trimise de AdelussAdeluss.

never ending burning fire
reaching higher and higher and higher and higher and higher

here we go again girl
the same ting now as then
reaching for the light
that's never ending so begin
listen to the wind
count your blessings in
reaching for the light that is never ending

now we know that des ya love is everlasting
deeper than well blossom bloom
and we know des a no false ting
forword we a go it's not a past ting
right around the world a second
we nuh hesitate is not a mask ting
and dis is not surprising what a surprising
love and bliss we advertising
and des is food for our soul
live a fruitful life before we old

still goin on still goin on
pushing obstacles out of the way
still goin on still goin on
stay by your side until the end of days

never have to search tendernes all around you
better not worse since the day that I found you
pricless love and joy is what it amounts to
knowing all the time I can count on you
from first moment i knew what's in store
every likkle ting about you iman adore
pleasure and desires that we never knew before
woman you really make me glad and so much more
so I said...
time truly the master of it all
seasons they may change but love remain the same
wether summer spring winter or fall
we'll be there for us through all the pain and the strain
burning hot it is blazin passion amazing
no holding back and saving
and des is food for our soul
we live a fruitful life before we old

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