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Versuri Gentleman - No doubt about it

trimise de AdelussAdeluss.

Oh yes
Look around and tell me what u see
Behold the beauty of simplicity
Tell me now baby
It go like this (Roll tongue)

{Boom! }
I am in love with Jah Jah
And his soothing words oh yea
So in love with Jah Jah
And this heavenly woman

Chorus: (x2)
{There is}No doubt about it
So I gotta shout it
Giving Praises to Jah name i will testify
Can't live without it
Tell me what about it
For every single blessing man affi qualify

Verse 1:
Ole man live dey
Yuh nuh see the sunshine Jah Jah a give deh
Whoa Whoa
Some man please stop drift dey
Haffi give a hand to yuh brother, uplift them
Look around
Settle down nuh bodda run around
Nah spread negativity from town to town
Put yuhself upon a higher ground
You will hear archangels ah play this sweet song

Chorus {x2}

Verse 2:
Heavens declare its glory
But for mankind its jus another story
yea yea
But all Jah love oh yes we can be strong in
We haffi learn fee read between the line them
Haffi learn fee translate the sign dem oh yes
This is what we put inna yuh mind yea
Seek and you will surely find

Chorus {x2}


Verse 3:
Ropes slippery, Hills steep
But we haffi climb until we reach the pinnacle yea yea
The pagan will peep
But the earth it a belong to the meek not the weak
Whey me guh so den


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