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Versuri Gentleman - Intoxication

trimise de DenisseDenisse.

yes empress devine
anytime me look ina your face
you make my world a brighter place
and your majesty and grace
a help me through the rat race

joy ina your eyes me nuh see no tears
love is what you giving me throughout the years
every time you need me i will be there my dear i swear

Verse 1:
there is no faking no heartbreaking
like a volcano this ya true love is shaking
in tender caring we are partaking
woman me feel seh big things ina the making
intoxication of a certain kind
i will admit that you suit my mind
pulpitation of another kind
don't fast forward baby just rewind

Chorus (repeat)..

Verse 2:
no mistaking in every thing you do,
and i will always be a part of you,
jah jah made us and he will see us through
always and forever babygirl this love is true
i've been searching for the longest time
almost givin' up never thought I would find
seen many roses die on the vine
but a hidden tressure in you i man find

Chorus (repeat)..

Verse 3:
on the magic carpet we a ride
venus jupiter to the other side
fi we togetherness nuh need no guide
there is nothing to be shame nothing fi go hide
a whole new world awaits
brighter than the pearly gates
where love is as strong as fate
and life is about to give and to take

Chorus (repeat)..

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