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Versuri Gentleman - After a storm

trimise de DenisseDenisse.

When Jah ist at the ship
We smile at the storm

Life hard and this a road might be ruggy
but Jah would never send you there
from you nuh ready no
listen to his voice and hold on steady
we moving on and on


After a storm there must be a calm
You shoulda never go resign
Remember seh Jah love already there before you born
His love is so pure and devine

Just keep that smile on your face make it an easy day
Never let dem get you down cause you will make it anyway
With Jah love ina your heart I'm sure you will never go astray
And while the sunshine you got to make hay
Jah Jah a the water to my root the only truth
Me nuh go stop work and try until me reap the fruit
And as long as there is no justice man hafi go revolute
Just tell the children the truth


Box and kick me and treat me like a toy
Try your very best to take away me joy
you no ago see me ina babylon employ
cus i have know jah love from ever since i was a boy

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