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Versuri Gene Campbell - Wandering blues

Every night I wander all by myself (2x)
Thinkin' about the woman I love, lovin' someone else

Boo-hoo, I just can't keep from cryin' (2x)
I'm worried about my baby, she's on my mind

Sometimes I wonder, do she think of me? (2x)
And again I wonder, if I will ever be free

I'm tellin' all you women, what's on my mind (2x)
I never love one woman, no more at a time

Boo-hoo, I wring my hands and cry (2x)
I'm thinking about the lovin', that I let go by

Since you've been gone baby, I haven't been a bit of good (2x)
Because I never get the loving, that I really should

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