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Versuri Continuum
- Garden Of Shadows

The astral bodies
Assembled as one
At the call of irrevocable fate
The celestial gathering
Once more sent forth
In a brilliant volley of flame
Forging new paths
Along the worn landscape of eternity
Millions of years are but seconds
In the continuum of forever
Fallen leaves crumble into dust
Fade into the mausoleum
Of memories forgotten
We have grasped at the cosmic puzzle laid before us
Impatient newborns surrounded by dignified giants
The scope of our tears
Would transform valleys into oceans

A feeble attempt to clutch the fragment
That lies forever beyond
Each event shares with its sisters
As all seasons overlap
Spatial boundaries superimposed
In the unfathomable and infinite
Expanse of time
Eons of stone dissolve as we wither
Leaving no trace of existence
Cracks on the faded canvas of history
That languishes alone
A divine ceremony commencing all
Walks upon the frayed path of destruction
And the annihilation watches enviously
Awaiting its turn once more
The weight of centuries
Impedes our steps
Towards the precipice of eternity
As we succumb to unchanging forces of attraction
Our attempts to manipulate the tempest prove unsound
Yet we trudge onward
Rolling our ponderous cargo before us
Until time and space caress each other once more
A new chapter forever unfolds
Before the vacant theater of the stars..
Luminous vapor, shining haze
Invisible yet ever-present
Slowly slips into the past
Along the continuum of forever