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Versuri Garbage - April tenth

It was so cold in hell
I remember it well
It was so cold that year
It was colder than hell

Things haven't been good
So you leave for a while
I was off on a tour
I hadn't heard

Eve dropped in
With the letter he wrote
And I read it aloud
To prove that I could

The neighbor boys laughing
Cause you know anwar
We never thought
Quite enough good

We thought that we knew you
And I guess that we don't
In heaven no more
To repeat the past

We called you the black pen
Remember that?

The sea is wide
The streets are long
And there's blood on all our hands
And the cat is gone

And only what's left to us
Is history built on dust
There was sweat on a cold source
Of missions and governments

Supplies and victories
Good girl and king to please
The still keys are everywhere
In a thousand yard stare

We all end up the same
Like little lambs to meet their end

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