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Versuri Raised the bar
- Gani

trimise de Ina_gIna_g.

Word up, still me, switched the language, yo!
Sugar face, battle rhymes - Cinco de Mayo
Slow down, you got some nerve
I rap it up, so you know I got the verb
Street anthem, Summertime, never Fall
You can visualize my text, 'cause the writing's on the wall
Raw like stainless steel, still some come up to me
And they don't even get the lyrics, but say I'm a bad MC..
I spit real s***, ill s***t - gonna get it viral
It all started from the scratch, you gotta respect the vinyl!
It's the final countdown, like it was NYE
I look up to Queen Latifah, let's keep up the U. N. I. T. Y.!
Call me Nat Geo - I'm a vet in this game
Look how I deal with these cats, they all one and the same
Don't even let me get it started, cuz you know I can't stop
Just nod ya head in agreement, nod ya head - it's hip-hop!
4 elements, '70s, still lastin'
That's that old school sound, like a boombox, blastin'!
You like plastic? No, I'm not shallow
But it's like you're blocked on social media - you just can't follow
You may say what you want, but I'll still do my thang

In love with hip-hop, always engaging, check the ring..
.. Tone. Where? On your boyfriend's phone!
He's checking up on me every time he's home alone!
Me gone? Guess what? Guess again!
I'm comin' out ya speakers and then f***k up your plan
Sure I can speed it up, play with the beat, the mic and the pen
Right on the track like I was a train, train you a bit, then do it again
On time like Big Ben, go with the flow, spit it like Busta - give you some mo'
Faster or slow, row after row, classic and classy, like Marilyn Monroe
Whoa! Taller than me - still need to grow
So when you come up to my show you better act like you know!
Some will hate, some will be like "let her be"
As an MC I'll never be after (yo) U, like letter V
Check it! You need determination?
But first you need subtitles, 'cause you got lost in translation
MVP? Grow some balls, not to mention
Let's see who got game now – Playstation
So fly - you can hear it from a far
So you can try reach for my lines, because I just raised the bar!

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