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Versuri Watch the sky
- Gaia Epicus

Tonight I'm standing all alone
My heart is cold as a stone.

You start to cry, when I tell you why
I have to go away, but I will be back some day.

There's someone whispering in my ear
They tell me dying time is near.

Don't be afraid we will show you the way
There's no other place you can go
Just close your eyes, and we'll go.

Open the gate, let us in
And we'll fight until we win
Cause surrender is not the thing we do
We will stand side by side
Till there's no more place's to hide
You must fall to your knees and look above
Watch the sky.

The stars can tell you where you are
They seem so close but still so far.

Just watch the sky
One last time before you die
Cause you will never see it again