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Versuri Cyber future
- Gaia Epicus

No more time to waste
Let's fly into space
Crossing the universe
I can see the star light.

With the speed of light
We will fly tonight
Looking for unknown lands
The future is out there somewhere.

We fly so high across the sky
A million light years away I hear you cry.

Let the journey begin
Fly away with the wind
Spread your wings
Leave your worries behind
All that you see is reality
So welcome to the cyber future.

Time is running out
Faith is all we've got
If we find this place
We can save the human race.

One more mile to go
Then we'll know for sure
If the end has come for us
Or we will get our victory.

A fire is burning in the sky
Is this the end of you and I?
Take my hand and let us pray
That we survive one more day.

I have read it in the sand
The prophecy is in your hand
The cyber world is coming fast
I wonder how long we will last?.

Cyber, Cyber future, so little time to undo this crime