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Versuri Funky Dj's - Be free!

trimise de CutzitucutzintaCutzitucutzinta.

I will always be right beside you
Cause I'm gonna set you free
When you feel alone look around you
You will see that you are home...

We're gonna kick it up...
We're gonna mess it up...
We're gonna take it higher...
We're gonna start the fire...

Cause I'm the animator,
The brain accelerator
Cause I'm the agitator
The funky party maker...
No one can stop us now,
No one can shut us down
Just listen and you'll see
That you'll be back to me...

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You see, this kind of music is not for anybody
This kind of music is not for dancing
This kind of music is for the real party people
This kind of music makes you feel high
Makes you feel on fire
Makes your soul scream...

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