You're just insultin' me, aren't you! - versuri Frank Zappa |
You're just insultin' me, aren't you! - versuri Frank Zappa |

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Versuri Frank Zappa - You're just insultin' me, aren't you!

Mike: You're just insulting me, aren't you? It's not funny, man
Ali:... tabii ya, tabii, tabii... eh, eh...
Mike: It's not funny... It ain't funny. He's just been talking about me for ten minutes
Moon:... be alone... with yourself inside a piano or... whatever... your piano... it's... it's
really a metaphor for that... that spirit... that feeling of oneness...
Ali: Siz saatlerce, saatlerce konusuyorsunuz burada, yani, ... artik biktim burasindan, be! Oturup
boyle birsey... birsey bulsak da biz simidi, yani...
Moon: It's, It's... it's... fulfillment...
Mike: Fulfillment. I got something fulfilling, baby
Moon: The sages talk about this...
Ali:... sen soyleme...
Mike: Hey, yo my man... Hey, yo my man... worrrr d'up man... worrrrr d'up!
Ali: Des is a piano
Mike: This is a piano
Ali: Des is a piano
Todd: And why are we in it?
Ali: Des is a piano
Mike: A piano!
Ali: A piano... des is a piano...
Mike: Piano!
Ali: Klavier
Todd: Oh! I thought it was the men's room...
Mike: Piano!
Moon: Piano
Ali: Das es kein Computer
Mike: This ain't a computer!
Ali: Das es kein Computer! I sag des so oft, bis die des merken, verstehst...
Moon: Piano... that's a beautiful word. It can take you to that place inside yourself where you...
Mike: You still talking about the place but you ain't thinking about dis place: the piano!
Todd: Piano! Piano!
Moon: What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter how you get here

Gilly: That's it exactly, I guess. About Tom, no, no but to me all different... um... but I guess
Tom was a human-is a human being with... feelings and sorrows and happinesses, as everyone else, but
Tom would only show me so much
Spider: But is this a pregnant sow before me?
Spider: By the sound of the snork, I would gesture to say... I find myself turning into a pony

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