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Louis: Grrr... Arf arf arf ar-ar-ar-ar-ar! Teeth out there, and ready to attack 'em... I had to
fight back and hit 'em, like... you know... hit 'em and hit 'em and hit 'em, and... kick 'em and
kick 'em and...
Roy: Did they get on top of you?
Louis: No, I fought so back, hard back, and, it was...
Roy: Hard back?
Louis: White!
Roy: White?
Louis: Yeah, white ugliness
Roy: Did it have teeth?
Louis: And it was two, it was two boogey-men along the side of, we were... already blocked in, so I
had to... I had to kick, I had to fight to f-four or five boogey-men in front of me...
Roy: Then... but maybe he can turn into... I wonder if he could maybe be [...]
Motorhead: PFFFT!
Louis: Yes, [...] vicious
Roy: I don't know, those po-... I heard those ponies are really vicious!
Louis: I know... but, I know they're vicious, but they...
Roy: Their claws!
Louis: He d-d... he doesn't have to be able to do it
Roy: They get on top of you, and they just tear you apart
Louis: I know...
Roy: Tee...
Louis: Scars over here, see, scars right here. Yeah...
Roy: Teeth to limb! Teeth to limb! I mean, toe to ta-... man, I hope they don't get him
Louis: Ponies! I-i-if-if, if... is...
Roy: Was it white? Are you sure it wasn't w-white, I mean, uh, black, or...
Louis: Well, I think they're white, but I was too scared to notice their physical...
Roy: Gold or something?
Louis: I was too, I was too scared to no... n-no... uh-no... uh-notice their physical, ahh...
appearance, 'cause they... they-they were attackin' me!
Roy: They were?
Louis: Yeah, they were... they were attackin' me!
Roy: What were they doin' to you?
Louis: Well, they were... they were like, they were... comin' and surroundin' me 'n everything else,
and they were attackin' me and I had to fight back, fight, fight and fight back and... pick up
Roy: Pick-up-sticks?
Louis: Yes, pick up sticks, you know?
Roy: I used to play that game, Pick-up-sticks
Louis: Me too, did you ever play that game?
Roy: Yeah!
Louis: Yes! That's funny! HA HA HA!
Anyway, come back to the horse... back to the horse? To the pony
Louis: HA HA HA HA! Now...
Roy: Anyway...
Louis: Yes, pony, or...
Roy: President...
Louis: Or pope, I dunno, ah, I dunno...
Roy: I don't know...
Louis: Something down there is dangerous.
Roy: Could be a cigar or somethin'
Louis: Yeah...
Roy: A cigar?
Louis: A cigar? Naw, you're insane, come on!
Roy: Nohhh, no... I remember when I was a... no I don't remember. Those were the days!
Louis: Boy, you must spend all your life down here!
Roy: That was before the days of those horses
Louis: Yes, before the days of the... all the... ow-uh... ponies or boogey-men or somethin', what's
out there
Roy: But then there was a... what was it there? No pimples?
Louis: No, positive
Roy: Sure!
Louis: Positively
Roy: You had to have 'em.
Louis: Naw, naw...
Roy: You've got one right in your nose right now!
Louis: HA HA HA HA! Scrtch-ch-ch! Scratchin' them...
Roy: Boy, I'm gettin' tired, man. We should go...
Louis: Oh, yes...
Roy: We should go to sleep
Louis: Oh, yeah...
Roy: I just hope he comes back...
Louis: Yes... Listen!
Roy: I think I'll pray for him
Louis: I think I'll join you
Roy: You do yours and I'll do mine...
Louis: Okay... HA HA HA HA!
Roy: And we'll hope for the best. HEH HEH HEH!
Louis: HA HA HA HA HA! God, God bless Motorhead
Roy: Now I lay me down to sleep...

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