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Versuri Frank Zappa - Uncle meat film excerpt part ii

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Phyllis: I used to watch him eat, and while he was eating I would talk to him, and while he was
eating I would ask him what he was doing, and all he would say was, "I'm using the chicken to
measure it. " Till this day I still don't know what he was talking about! That Minnesota
Tishman, he was some guy, but I still never understood what he meant. The chicken to measure it, I
don't know, probably some secret thing.

Phyllis: "I'm getting hot. You're really good at those dials, baby. You're the most
manipulating person I've ever seen. What's he eating? Is he turning into a monster? Frank: But
you're just making things out of it. Don: Put it in your mouth then your eyes. Frank: You're getting
hot, come on! The last that... " I don't like this page, it's not so funny...
FZ: What's the difference?
Phyllis: I don't like this page, it's not so funny. "Oh, this gets me hot! Oh, this gets me
hot! Will get hot, I can get hot over it. Get hot over the hamburger, I can get it, you're getting
hot, oh, am I hot over this hamburger! Think am I hot, for a hundred dollars you're getting hot, oh,
am I hot, I'm so hot, I'm so hot from this hamburger, I'm hot. "


Phyllis: Well, I'll just continue on with my work, I can't be thinking about such things, gets me
too confused. I think I need a shower, I'm tired, I'm hot, the room air-conditioning is not working.
If you don't pay the bills, how does the air-conditioning gonna work? I'm going.

Massimo: And now, dear friends, we are going to translate. This is my left hand.
Phyllis: This is...
Meredith: Violence!
Stumuk: This is my left hand, non?
Meredith: Violence! Ooh, I just, ooh!
Guy From Alabama: You have an orgasm?
Aynsley: No, but it just feels good!
Guy From Alabama: Can I watch?
Don: That's what we need, progress!
Aynsley: Actually I think that's uh, that's cool.
Guy From Alabama: Get the girl here in the red.
Aynsley: Yeah.
Massimo: Repeat after me: Questa e la mia mano destra
Stumuk: Questa e mia mano destra
Don: Progress!
Phyllis: Where's the prostate gland?
Massimo: Look out!
Don: Progress is our most important product.
Massimo: Guardalo che mangia! E mentre sta mangiando parlami mentre mangi. E chiedimi cosa sta
Stumuk: Parle mi.
Massimo: Che cosa sta facendo? Sta mangiando. Adesso chiedimi cosa sta facendo. Sta mangiando
Stumuk: Guarda sta fachendo!
Massimo: Ma non lo posso fare.
Stumuk: Sta mangiando!
Massimo: Me ne devo andare.
Stumuk: Mene debo ndare!
Massimo: Devo tornare.
Stumuk: Dere tocnare!
Massimo: Era un senatore a trentasette anni.
Stumuk: Era un senatore de setreste ano.


Guy From Alabama: What band being you playing in?
Aynsley: I played in a blues band.
Guy From Alabama: Blues band, so do I!
Aynsley: Blues.
Guy From Alabama: Blues!
Aynsley: Blues avant-garde, you know?
Guy From Alabama: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Massimo: And this is my last single.

Phyllis: Oh, what is he doing? You still carrying on with that song? It's the same thing? I can't, I
can't do it anymore. I'm going to make these louder so I don't have to hear about him. Forget the
Don: I'm sure that it's going to be a hit single.
Phyllis: We're coming to the beginning of a new era, wherein the development of the inner self. But
you, what do you do? You watch television and you play with "The Bun, " driving me crazy.
Leave me alone.
Stumuk: But this is twelve years later.
Phyllis: I know.
Stumuk: Have a new "Bun. "
Phyllis: I know.
Stumuk: A better "Bun. "
Phyllis: What kind of new "Bun"? You...
Stumuk: A brown "Bun. "
Phyllis: Every year you tell me is a new "Bun, " I'm tired of this. I'm gonna, I'm gonna
give it all up, I'm gonna go back to New York, I'm tired of you already. Finish! I can't. No, no,
no, no. Go! Can you stop me?

FZ: I wanna do another take of the same situation from the other side.
Carl: Let me go on the other side.
FZ: And Mr. Tishman, it's, you've gotta find...
Phyllis: When I remember this...
FZ: Yeah
Carl: Let me just see uh, "Bun. "
FZ: Minnesota Tishman.
Phyllis: Right here.
Carl: Uh, give me the, give me... first...
Phyllis: I remember that guy...
FZ: Isn't he handsome?
Phyllis: Yeah.
FZ: He was using the chicken to measure it.
Haskell Wexler: Can I stop now, Frank?
FZ: Sure.
Haskell Wexler: Okay, cut the cam.

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