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[Artis the Spoonman spoons]

Moon: This is all wrong. This is all wrong
FZ: The pigs run the city, the ponies run the TV station and you wanted to apply for a job
Spider: Some of them wear these jackets that are made out of polished animal skins. It's called
John: Leather?
Monica: Oh, and their tight black pants
Spider: It's sort of like plastic, only it's made out of animals
Larry: It's sad, ain't it?
Monica: Yeah
Larry: Um, you can't win 'em all
Moon: Oh!
Mike: Sweetheart...
Moon: What?
Mike: If we go to the... we could probably be alone
Moon: Yeah
Ali: Wo?
Moon:... could drink coffee...
Ali: Ja! Kaffe war a scho guat, aba des is a Klavier...
Mike: I want some soul food...
Moon:... it's a heartbeat and it feels like a...
Mike: Have you seen "Jungle Fever"?
Moon:... a big...
Ali: Ha, ha gordum once, sinemaya gittim ben...
Mike: "Jungle Fever. " The girl with the big butt?
Ali: Bak, bu piyanonun icinde nereden sinema buldun sen?
Moon: This must have been what the brochure was talking about. They said you'd... you'd feel a... a
kind of a serenity... a feeling of peace of... of...
Mike: Hey, why, why don't you shut up?!
Ali: Cocuklar, siz saatlerce kahveden birsey anlatiyorsunuz, ama burada... ah, bunlarda acayip
sarkilar soyluyorlar... acayip, degilmi? Yagmurda basliyor...
Moon:... entering into a different realm... I can't remember the name of it...
Mike: Hey, yo man... I don't like all this waterfall action
Moon:... and I guess that's where most of the part of it's... I... guess it's all about resolving
past crime and everything... and... also... about...
Ali: Bence...
Mike: Hey, yo, hey... this ain't the "Blue Lagoon"! What the hell... this ain't "I
Dream of Jeanie"
Ali: Bu pianonun icinde bir... meyhane gibi birsey yapmak lazim, yani, piano guzel bir sey ama, ...
bende seni hic anlamiyorum abi...
Mike: What? Man, man, I'm gonna close off communications if you don't start speaking the language,

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