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trimise de Carmen02Carmen02.

In the beginning GOD made 'the light. ' Shortly thereafter GOD made the poodle-as you can see by
this model that we have in front of us. When GOD made the poodle initially it was a very handsome
sort of a dog-it had HAIR, HAIR, HAIR, evenly distributed all over its charming canine poodle-shape

Shortly after the construction of the poodle itself, GOD made TWO big mistakes. The first one was
called MAN, and the second one was called WO-MAN. WO-MAN looketh upon the poodle and saith unto
herself, "This poodle, with hair evenly distributed all over its body, is of no use to me for
it is not SLICK, it is not STREAMLINE, it is not FASHIONABLE, and in many instances it is REPULSIVE
because of the brown things attached to the hair on the rear part of the dog, and I must have this
dog modified, " so he turneth onto MAN, and saith unto MAN, "SUCKER, GO GET A JOB! "
And MAN, being the chump that he was, wenteth out and wenteth forth and lefteth the cave, and went
into the world itself and gotteth a job.

Whereupon he returneth to the cave with his MONEY, and the WO-MAN looketh upon the money and said,
"SUCKER! Take this money and go buy me a pair of scissors, whereby I may clippeth upon this
poodle and modify it to my own personal taste and secret moist innermost DESIRES. " And the
MAN, being the chump that he was, went out and bought her the poodle clipping shears and broughth
'em back to the WO-MAN and handeth the shears to the WO-MAN, whereupon she GRABBETH the poodle
thusly... and with a DEFT, SWIFT, DENSE ECUMENICAL PATINA (Talk about it!) of STROKE (Talk about
it!), she clippeth upon the poodle, near the FETLOCK, all across the THORAX, in the MEDULA, and...
right near the cappuciano o'er here, and streamlined that sucker until it looked just like this,
with little feet sticking out and a little ball on the end, making the dags very easy to remove, and
she putteth the poodle in a quasi erotic sort of a position, near where she was sprawled out on the
cave... stucketh her leggeths up unto the air, "Buf, " like this, exposing to the poodle
the central core of her desire, and looked deep into the poodle's eyes and said these piquant little
words that we shall not soon forget:

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