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Versuri Frank Zappa - The pigs' music

trimise de Andrei101Andrei101.

FZ: Tonight you guys are going to try and figure out the pigs' music
Spider: You see if we understood it, maybe we could help the pigs understand
John: Nah, the problem with that is you think the pigs are essentially kind at heart...
Spider: Aw, I didn't say that...
John: But the pigs are essentially pigs

John: If we could either move the smoke or if we turn the cold light on it and shrink it so they
can't even salute it...
Spider: It's... it's really... It's sort of the opposite event. You see it was a long time ago when
Pigs and Ponies used to inter-breed with people on farms... and they reached a state where... where
like the pigs were... communicable. They brought 'em in and tried... tried to teach them things.
They're just as likely to live in the ocean as anywhere else... Wouldn't get rid of them, really.
Just means that the ocean would be just as unsafe as every other place. That's what happened. Ya
know, they tried to put 'em places where they wouldn't make it, but they made it anyway
John: They wanted to use yaks, too
Pig With Wings: EE... EE... EE... EE
Spider: What's that?
John: That's the Pig with Wings

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