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[includes The Look Of Love (Bacharach/David) and Wives And Lovers (Bacharach/David) as background

FZ: What's your name?
Mr Tickman: I'm Martin Tickman
FZ: And what is your position here?
Mr Tickman: Front office manager
FZ: The name of this stablishment is...?
Mr Tickman: This is the Edgewater Inn
FZ: In Seattle, Washington. Can you tell me, uh, how some rock'n'roll groups have taken advantage of
this unique situation?
Mr Tickman: They've taken advantage in different ways, and we do encourage, uh, and advertise that
you can fish from your room and we are glad to have our guests fish from 'em
FZ: Do you supply them with fishing equipment?
Mr Tickman: No, but we have a shop in the hotel that does rent the equipment as well as bait
FZ: What sort of bait do they usually use?
Mr Tickman: Uh, it's a preserved minnow of some variety, I don't know exactly what the fish is
FZ: Well, what do they do after they fish from the window?
Mr Tickman: Well, rock'n'roll bands and other guests as well often catch shark and squid and octopus
and usually we, it lands up either in the bath tub or dribbled on the floor on the way to the bath
FZ: Mm-mmh...
Mr Tickman: But it's not reserved to, uh, to any rock'n'roll bands, I mean, other guests do it too
FZ: Mm-mmh, but how frequently do you find squids and sharks and octopuses in the bath tubs of the
rooms here at the hotel?
Mr Tickman: After almost any good weekend of pretty heavy occupancy, say like over half the house
FZ: If you have over the...
Mr Tickman: Way, way...
FZ:... over half house filled you'd find one, say?
Mr Tickman: Yeah, say, one or something like that
FZ: So how often would you say that is each week? Twice a week you'd find a...?
Mr Tickman: Well, I would, I don't know that I would say that it would average to anything like
that, you may find on four or five rooms with fish from various places, you know, around. But
there's not much you can do with the shark after you've caught him, you know, some of these things
are pretty big
FZ: What would you imagine is done with these, uh, sharks after they've been caught before they are
left, uh, for you to be cleaned up?
Mr Tickman: Sometimes the guest calls the houseman or housekeeper to haul it away because there's
nothing that they can do with it
FZ: Yeah, well. Have you ever heard of any other things that were done with them before they were
hauled away?
Mr Tickman: Yes, a lot of, some people like to, uh, perform vivisection on 'em, or something like
that. Occasionally you find that little bit of mess...
FZ: Yeah
Mr Tickman: I'll say that the, the, the "blood on the carpet" syndrome is rather, eh,
rather rare, but it did occasionally happen
FZ: Do you ever find fish blood on the sheets of your beds here?
Mr Tickman: Not identifiable as such, no...
FZ: I see. Do you know of any stories about, uh, bizarre sexual activities performed with squid,
octopus and mud sharks here in your rooms?
Mr Tickman: No... I should think a mud shark would be a little uncomfortable, since their skin is so
sandy but, uh, never heard of anyone having it with an octopus

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