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Versuri Frank Zappa - The motel lobby

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[includes a quote from Blue Moon (Hart/Rodgers)]

Howard: Sure, man, and I'll go until two and I'm gonna be in there supporting 'em, in fact I'll sit
in with those guys. I'm into it, I'll sing a little "Blue Moon... "
Mark: Hey man...
Dick: Listen, this is a nice place, man, it's got a beautiful room...
Howard: Don't give me that man, it's plastic city, it bites, the guy behind...
Dick: Relax and enjoy some of the wo-, wonderments of nature...
Howard: No no no no, the guy behind the desk is a werewolf. You can't give me any of that, the chick
over there's been dead for twenty minutes. I'm hip to this place, I've seen 'em in my sleep, man
Dick: Hey, listen, I've never seen you this way, man
Howard: No, man, I'm not keyed at all
Dick: You're unpleasant
Howard: I'm not unpleasant! I can't wait to sign the card and check into my little closet. Unpack my
leather cape, hang it up on the wall, get out the washboard, put away my nitty books and get into
it! I'm gonna go down and cruise in that lounge, man, I'm gonna have...
Dick: Watch this, it's right in there, just step right in
Howard: I'm gonna take a look

? : Hello, Frank...
Howard: Ooohoowwoh!
Mark: Hey, what is this, man? Is this the can-can room?
Howard: This place waits for us, man
Mark: This place waits us! Is there a piano?
Howard: There's a juke box with a lotta hokie country songs on it. I am coming in here and getting
blotto in about ten minutes
Mark: Oh, man, me too!

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