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Versuri Frank Zappa - The london cab tape

trimise de Ioana45Ioana45.

(M. O. I.)

Probably November 29, 1970]

Howard: This f***g guy is flipped out, man! I'll be locked up!
? : Who, me...?
Yeah, you too!
? : It was anti-semitic of me to bring it up
? : Why, you don't like Jews, man?
? : Let me make it perfectly clear, [...] I don't mind that you are Jew, stay out... Take your Bar
Mitzvah man, and shove it
? : I never had a Bar Mitzvah
? : You ever had a Yamulka, man?
? : No, I wore one once, though...
? : I knew it
? : What's wrong? You don't like 'em, man? That was [...] my cowboy hat...
? : [...] Just keep it out of my way, man, I don't wanna see that Yamulka on stage ever...
? : Uh... well, I don't know, man, that'd be sorta neat, not in this group of course, but tomorrow
? : Alright, alright...
? : Howard Kaylan World!
? : The Yamulka
FZ: Ha ha ha!
: Dear Frank, thanks for paying a hundred twenty three dollars for my meal in Amsterdam, which I
? : I mean it, man
? : I really enjoy playing in your little own ensemble
? : For a day or so
? : Thanks for bringing a little slice of sunshine into my life
? : Thanks for showing me how sh... s***y the music business could really be, I thought I knew
? : Thanks for make [...] worst bass player in the world
? : After six months with the Mothers I figured I've lost everything I've ever had

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