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trimise de MorganMorgan.

(Black & FZ)

FZ: At this very moment Jimmy Carl Black the Indian of the group is approaching the stage. Jimmy
Carl, who likes to drink and also likes to boogie all night long and who is also horny, approaches
Underwood in his transformed state at the piano and asks him this all important question:

JCB: Hey I thought we were gonna play a Rock & Roll concert. What is this?
Ian: Jimmy Carl Black, Indian of the group: four-fours.
JCB: How are you gonna get laid if you dont play rock & roll and drink beer? You get laid after
the concert if you play rock & roll, this kind of crap you're not gonna, you're not gonna get
laid anyway with that uniform on. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna quit I'm gonna go out
and hustle me some chick, the hell with you.
Ian: Jimmy, you need some discipline.
JCB: I'm leaving the group.
Ensemble: Boo! Boo!

FZ: Jimmy Carl, I must inform you, I must inform you, Jimmy Carl, for your own good, that here in
London you're not gonna get any p***y unless you look like a popstar. Fix him up!... Mod Jacket...
(JCB: Oh Jeezus...)
FZ: Frilly Mod Neckpiece, Jimi Hendrix wig, and a Feather Boa.


FZ: Jimmy Carl Black enters the audience to hustle some young ladies. Go on Jim, see if you can get
any action, and if you get lucky fix us up too. And if you're really lucky, get something for the
robots... Mmmm, their little mechanical things are going up and down, up and down...

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