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trimise de KitinutzaKitinutza.

(M. O. I. /FZ)

[includes a quote from Lady Of The Island (Graham Nash)]

[Rainbow Theater, London, England
December 10, 1971]

Ooooooh Aaaaaah
Howard: Poor baby!
FZ: Oooooh... Don't like the Greek food in this neighborhood, hey?
FZ: Tell me the truth, what did you eat?
Mark: I ate...
FZ: Tell me the truth, what did you eat?
Howard: I had a Shish kebab
FZ: Tell me the truth, what did you eat? You didn't eat?
Mark: I was having chicken...
FZ: You didn't eat?
Howard: He didn't eat anything. He drank wine
Mark: With, uh, spinnach...
FZ: What did you eat?
Mark: And boiled potatoes...
Jim: I had a roller skate
Mark: Not just any grease but...

The browness of her body
Makes me sweat inside my crotch
I want so much to kiss her
But I/she smells of rancid botch
Do do do do do do
Oooooooh wagh!

Mark: Grease, grease, I tell ya, all I had was grease, it cost me two dollars and thirty five cents,
it was nothing but a plate of grease
Howard: And a wine tasted like...

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