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Versuri Frank Zappa - Stevie's spanking

trimise de AnemonoAnemono.

His name is Stevie Vai,
And he's a crazy guy
Last November, I recall,
He needed a spanking

He decided then
A female specimen
Would be exciting for a night
To give him a spanking

Laurel was her name
She came to Notre Dame
He told me just the other night
He oughta be thanking
Her for the spanking

She was large and soft
And she beat him off
Made him drool upon his dork
And gave it a wanking
After the spanking

Hair brush!
Oh! What a hair brush!

Then did she exclaim:
"There's another game
That we can play with this device,
And then a banana! "

It was slightly green
Vapors in between
Rising up to fill the room
And COOK the banana

Later in the dawn,
Laurel carried on
Got right up and dressed herself and
Ate the banana

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