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Versuri Frank Zappa - Playground psychotics

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? : Put that mike down, Frank, it's obscene
? : [...]
George: Give me my little cup of brown sauce, let me dip my meat in
? : Oh, man
Jeff: Hundred dollars for Pinto beans, playground psychotics
? : I slipped my burning phallus in her quivering quim!
? : You like to offend these passengers, Underwood? Keep quiet!
? : Underwood, the only thing that offends are your green socks! Green velour!
? : Hot wets
? : Could you, could you repeat that?
? :... of your mind
? : Now, just take your hand off my leg
? : Take your hand off my leg
? : Listen, what is this? Okay, grab my tit, I'll sit still, you pervert. Howard, you're so low
? : The Andy Devine school of voice, you are low, Dunbar
? : I just keep...
Aynsley: I always keep it low ya, 'cause I'm only after one thing
? : God, you are an incredible man
? : Who?
? : Haven't any of the chics you've gone out with seen through you yet?
Aynsley: No, man, they're still quite like me

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