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Versuri Frank Zappa - Martin lickert's story

trimise de SherrySherry.

Martin: I just went out to get some cigarettes for him one day and came back and walked into the
dressing room and there's Frank and the rest of the Mothers and, uh, Ringo, the other people, and I
walked in the room and they all went, "Yeah! " And, "Yeah what? " You know,
"Would, would you like to try Jeff's part? " You know, so I just tried that, and it seemed
to work okay
Interviewer: Mm-mmh...
Martin: So Frank said, "Would, you can play, play bass, you can try play into the group as
FZ: So he took the script and he read it and it sounded good and then just quite by accident, we
found out that he was a bass player and that he's good for the part, is, uh, quite professional on
screen and as a bass player he's not astonishing but, uh, he can make the parts

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