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Versuri Frank Zappa - Jezebel boy

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[includes quotes from Perry Mason Theme (Steiner) and Jingle Bells (Pierpont)]

[Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA
February 13, 1988]

Jezebel Boy!
You know all the guys
In the Sheriff's Patrol
They leave you alone
When they round up the w****s
Up on Hollywood Boulebard

Now this is what happens in Los Angeles...)

Sometimes that ol' nasty D. A., you say
Thinks he needs his name
In the paper again -
That's when
The short-pants girls
They have to take that ride
With a friendly, friendly policeman

But the Jezebel Boy
On the corner by the Technicolor processing plant
He stands by the light;
Waitin' through that night
Waitin', waitin' for that, that distinguished-looking
Wilshire District Gentleman
With snow-white hair,
("Maybe I could make a good rock star")
To drive up in his Lincoln,
And whisk away the Jezebel Boy

There he goes now!
Old Ralph will make him put that wretched
Sausage in his mouth again

Ike: Hah hah hah! Hah hah hah!
FZ: Go ahead!
Ike: Hah hah hah!
FZ: Want that again?
Ike: Yeah, sure!

Old Ralph will make him put that wretched
Sausage in his mouth again
And again
(Again again)
Aaaaand... one mo' gin

Well, hah! Well, you know they say...
Another day,
Another sausage -
Jezebel Boy

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