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Jeff: This is what I joined for. This I don't think is pretty good.
FZ: In other words, you don't wanna be in the movie
Jeff: Yeah
FZ: You're sure?
Jeff: Mm-mh
FZ: Is there anybody else that doesn't want to be in the movie?... Is there anything specific that
you don't like about the script?
Jeff: No... in fact my part is the best part of the movie, I think...
FZ: You have the biggest part
Jeff: I didn't know how far this could go
FZ: And why do you think it went so far?
Jeff: It was probably boiled in ammonia
Mark: I'm curious to know why -like I asked you this morning-, why puts you out so much to do it,
man? Unless you're just a little afraid that what you gotta say is too much what you'd say, anyway?
Jeff: It is what I'd say, it's exactly, it's there!
Mark: So you... why you're afraid to say to the people out there what you've been saying to us for
Jeff: I'm not afraid to say it to the people out there, I'm just afraid to be in this band anymore
Mark: Why?
FZ: The lines that are in this film are based on things I heard people say for years, all the way
back to the very beginning, you know? I don't think anybody should have any objection to say any of
those things, because you're playing yourself
Jeff: Should I trim the scene?
FZ: Sure

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