It's a good thing we get paid to do this - versuri Frank Zappa |
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Versuri Frank Zappa - It's a good thing we get paid to do this

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[Kensington Palace Hotel
1st script reading of "200 Motels"
January 18, 1971]

Mark: It's a good thing we get paid to do this. I could be in L. A., getting reamed, listening to an
Elton John album
Howard: Don't even talk about getting reamed. Listen, I've been without female companionship for so
long, a career as a Jesuit monk was inviting, Ian is starting to look good to me
George: Must be his green velour socks!
Mark: Just calm down there, Duke. Ever since you left the jazz world to seek fame and fortune in the
rock'n'roll industry...
Jeff: What do you mean rock'n'roll? This f***g band doesn't even play rock'n'roll, it's all that
comedy crap!
Ian: If we play any rock'n'roll we might make some money. I wouldn't mind playing some rock'n'roll,
uh, I like classical music too, but that doesn't mean I wouln't enjoy playing rock'n'roll. I mean,
it's not very challenging, intelectually, but I wouldn't mind if we did some rock'n'roll. We could
vote on it
Jeff: Vote on it, for what? To tell Zappa we wanna play some good music instead of this comedy
Aynsley: I wouldn't mind playing some more rock'n'roll, it'd be more commercial, sort of heavy, four
parts harmony, group vocals and a very heavy beat, that the kids could enjoy it. I think we'd
definitely make more money that way
Ian: Maybe after we finish the movie we could play more rock'n'roll
Mark: Yeah! We all quit and form other groups and play more rock'n'roll
Jeff: And more blues, extended blues, blues that's still down and funky, even though you extended
it. George knows what I'm talking about, don't you, George?
George: Leave me out of it, I come from the jazz world. I know all about these groups that get
formed and disappear, with their extensions waving in the moonlight
Mark: You just calm down there, Duke
Jeff: Maybe we could all form a group, we can elect a leader... Howard... we can call it Howard
Kaylan World.
Ian: We wouldn't have to have any leader
Jeff: We could just jam a lot
Aynsley: There was have to have a really heavy beat and be really commercial so the kids could enjoy
Howard: I want to get laid! I'm so horny I can't stand it!
Jeff: Listen, if you think for a minute that anybody likes this comedy music we've been playing
you're crazy. That's why you don't get laid, who wants to f***k a comedian! None of these girls can
take you seriously
Mark: Hey, man, you should be careful talking about that kind of stuff
Jeff: Why, does he listen?
Ian: He always listens, he's always watching and listening to all the guys in the band. I've been in
the band for years and I know, he always listens, believe me
Jeff: That's how he gets his material. He listens to us being natural, friendly, humorous and
good-natured, then he rips us off, sneaks off in the secret room someplace and boils it in ammonia,
and gets it perverted. Then he brings it back to us in rehearsal and makes us play it
Ian: I've been in the group for years and let me tell you that is exactly, that is precisely what he
does: He steals all his material
Howard: And the stuff he doesn't steal, Murray Roman writes for him. Listen, without us he'd be

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