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trimise de Jonnylov3Jonnylov3.

(Estrada, Underwood & FZ)

FZ: Then, from out of the corner from the stage, comes Roy Ralph Estrada, perturbed at the present
situation within the Mothers.

Roy: Domino, Domino, Domino Biz-bo-OH,
Domino Biz-bo-OH, Amen, Domino Biz-bo, Hallelujah, eh...
Ian: Et cum spiritu tuo...
Roy: Ian, I don't think I qualify for the Mothers
(FZ: They're making up their lines as they go along, isn't it thrilling?)
Ian: Why, Roy?
Roy: Because I don't think I'm qualified. I think, I think I'm holding the group back because I'm a
MEXICAN. And also because I don't play bass good.
Ian: I don't care how you can play bass but we have NO MEXICANS in this group.
Roy: And I wanna join your group.
Ian: No Mexicans!
Roy: I can sing opera, I have already quit, I cut my hair, I got all my s***t together here. I can
do it.
Ian: I don't care how you look you gotta be able to cut the part.
Roy: I can sing. Please. Please, Ian, give me a CHANCE.
Ian: I don't believe you can sing.
Roy: Ah, PLEASE! Ah, Ian, please, hear my PLEA! PLEASE, IAN! PLE-E-E-EASE! I can do it, give me a
(FZ: Try me!)
Roy: BWAH-AH-AH-AH! Please!
Ian: Okay Mexican
Roy: Please?
Ian: Okay Mexican
Roy: Okay.
Ian: Sing this note:

Roy (with JCB) :
You think everything gonna be alright.

Ian: Okay. You passed the first part of your audition. Now you gotta sing...
Roy: Mi, mi, mi, mi...

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