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[Kensington Palace Hotel
1st script reading of "200 Motels"
January 18, 1971]

Howard: It's him, he's watching us!
Mark: You think he heard us?
Ian: I've been in the band for years, and... you can bet that he hears everything
Jeff: Let's go over and pretend to be nice to him
Howard: Let's go over and pretend we don't know he's watching
Mark: And ripping off all our good material
Howard: Hi, man
Ian: Hi, Frank
Mark: Hi, man
Jeff: Hi, Frank
Aynsley: Hi, man
George: Hi, Frank
Mark: Well, that's a great new comic song you wrote, that one about the p****s and everything, I was
laughing a lot while I was learning it
Howard: Yeah, Frank, uh, it was a little hard to get into it first, but, uh, once we got the
Jeff: That's a real great part you got in there for the chorus when they go ran-tan-toon ran-ta-tan,
while I steal the room and everything, I don't mind he's ripping it off so long I get paid...
Mark: Me too, I won't even care 'bout the part where it goes "what can I say about this elixir?
" so long as me and Howard and Jeff get credit for special material, there's some bad ground
acid... Aynsley, you can take it with a grain of salt, ha ha ha...
Aynsley: I don't mean to upset you, lads... I don't mean to upset you, lads, but the reason my
retorts were so snappy is because he's making me do this, I should imagine he's making you do yours
too, isn't he?
Howard: Get out of here, you creep, you used to live in his house!
Aynsley: See you later, lads

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