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Versuri Frank Zappa - Don't take me down

trimise de No_ChanceNo_Chance.

[includes a quote from If I Were King Of The Forest (Harburg/Arlen)]

Dick: (Snorks)
Howard: "Not duke, not queen, but king. " You haven't lost your touch, Gnarler, you can
snort with the best of 'em
Mark: This guy said that a couple of guys have broken in the doors and s***t
Howard: Oh, great, a riot! Just like Berlin!
Mark: They broke indoors 'cause there is a hassle about the bread or something, the money
? : Can I carry your brief?
Mark: No, thanks
? : No?
Howard: Can I brief your carry?
Mark: I'll do it
Howard: Really! Would you be my wife for an hour?

Howard: Right on! Right on!
(Opening Act: Thank you very much)
Howard: Right on!
(Opening Act: That's right, don't take me down. Don't do it)
Howard: Don't do it! Don't take me down! I don't wanna go down no more!

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