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Versuri Frank Zappa - Clowns on velvet

trimise de LaleluLalelu.

[Basic track:
The Ritz, NYC
November 17, 1981

Steve Vai guitar
Ray White guitar
Tommy Mars keyboards
Bobby Martin keyboards, sax
Scott Thunes bass
Ed Mann percussion
Chad Wackerman drums]


Thass right, folks! We talkin' de hypocritical Jeezis-jerknuh parodise dey call LAS VAGRUS NEVADRUH!

QUENTIN done booked in fo some clandestine recreatium wit a semi-deflateable 'woman of easy
virtue'... (since dat be 'bouts de onliest kinda bitch be able to tolerate de muthafucker's hair

Bein' jes' like most de other nasty c*******s in de Video-Religium Industry, QUENTIN know a good
thing when he see one, an dis ugly rubber waitress look to him like a dream come true... specially
since his TV WIFE, OPAL, be in de next room drinkin' Jack Daniels 'n puttin' de hurts on some ignint

'Ventchlly when all de plookin' 'n thrashin' be done wif, de bell-boy (who turn out to be de
illejiminit son o' de video preacher) gwine take a job at a gas statium in New Jersey... an' de
blow-up dolly gwine come to life and fall in love wit de junior wimp who's gettin' ready to appear
over in de corner deahhh.

Les' meet de lil' c*******r now, while he's still young... 'cause, 'fo y'all knows it, he be
reachin' adulthood and marry some bitch name RHONDA... 'n, by dat time, he gwine become what dey

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