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trimise de CezyforyouCezyforyou.

(somebody in the crowd yells in something in french... what is it?)

You know today the church is in a terrible state. the bucks just arent rollin in like they used to.
and when the bucks don't come in, the church comes up with a new gimmick to make you spend to

Now i know you don't know what i'm talking about, but what the f***. but anyway, listen to this
ladies and gentlemen, when the church wants to get your money they remind you about hell. (whoo-ho

If you commit a sin you're gonna go to hell. (oui-oui)

Well let me give you an example, this boy over here;

Tell em about it brother zappa.

Sometimes people say: that if you f***k somebody (oh lord) its a sin, (oui-oui) this may or may not
be true.


This boy not only f***ked somebody with his organ, but he also f***ked a girl with a guitar, with an
umbrella, with a zuchinni, with a shoe, with an enema bag...

What else did you do?
A vibrato bar.
A vibrato bar!

Some people would say this is a sin. and if you sin youre gonna go to hell.

Well ladies and gentlemen:
There aint no hell. (oui)
There is no such thing as hell. (oui)
There is no hell, there is only france! (oui-oui)
Oui, oui

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